The History of the Law of Attraction

Before we go too deep into the modern applications of the law of attraction it is important that you understand that this is not simply New Age nonsense (most descriptions of the law of attraction refer to it as a product of a New Age Mentality). The principles of the law of attraction date back far beyond the new found popularity of the New Age.

The immortal Buddha was actually one of the first to introduce man to the law of attraction. He said, “What you have become is what you have thought.” This was a principle that the people of the east were acquainted with for centuries before it began to sweep into the western hemisphere.

The concept of karma also may have drawn its roots from the law of attraction. Karma states that you will eventually be revisited by that which you have sent out into the universe. If you have practiced kindness and compassion you will receive in kind. If you have been deliberately cruel to another you will receive back into your life that cruelty which you have sent out. Your actions and thoughts morph into physical entities, causing the universe to react in kind.

The law of attraction began to gain popularity in the western hemisphere in the 19th century, as people began to appreciate the power of positive thinking and apply it to their life. This new concept was first introduced to the general public by William Walker Atkinson, the editor of New Thought magazine, who published a book called Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World in 1906.

As you can see, the law of attraction is not new. The concept that thought can have a predominate affect on the course of a man’s destiny has been taught by wise men throughout the ages, and has given rise to a whole new era of beliefs.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The belief held by many theorists is that the universe is governed by a set of universal laws; these laws cannot be changed, cannot be broken and apply to every individual, regardless of age or nationality. These laws are the riverbanks which guide the flow of their lives on its journey to its ultimate end.

The law of attraction is one such law. The law of attraction is the belief that anyone can determine their destiny through the power of their minds.

“The Law of Attraction attracts to you everything you need, according to the nature of your thoughts. Your environment and financial condition are the perfect reflection of your habitual thinking.”
Joseph Murphy



Intro The Law of Attraction

Revealed Secrets To The Law of Attraction
The Law of Attraction: Getting Everything You Want Out of Life Through the Power of Your Own Mind.   And Let Your Thoughts Determine Your Destiny….

Imagine for a moment that you have in your possession a source of complete and total power. You alone can command the warmth of the sun, the fall of the rain, the turn of the tides and the direction of the winds. What would you do with this kind of power? Would you abuse it causing the world to fall into utter chaos? Would you be benevolent and merciful, using your power to help the people of your planet achieve their ultimate potential?

Unfortunately (or fortunately, as the case may be) there is no way for a person to have that much power. Mother Nature controls the planetary systems according to her own rules and her own designs. You will never be able to have utter control over the environment you are inhabiting.

What if you could, however, have the power to determine the course of your own life? What if you could accomplish great things and acquire great riches just by using the power of your own mind? What if I told you that this does not have to be a “what if?” What if I told you that you possess in your psyche the power to chart the course of the rest of your life on whatever path you see fit?

Chances are you would tell me that I had obviously been watching too much Sci-Fi and needed to get out of the house more often, not to mention my obvious need to expand my vocabulary, considering the number of times I have used “what if” in this conversation. You would be wrong (about the Sci-Fi, anyway). Every person holds in their mind the power to shape the events of their life to achieve whatever end they see fit. This power is what is known as the law of attraction.

Quotes from The Secret


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Law of Attraction Love

Questions and Answers

Law of Attraction & Power of Intention for Love?I have recently come into the knowledge of the power of the mind. I have only just been enlightened to the fact that I can create the life I want by positive thinking and visualizing what I want, as well as taking action.

After a break up from a person that I felt the universe had sent to me, as he was everything I requested, I am wondering if I will get another person sent to me, who I am crazy about. Any success stories or advice would be great!

Ta :)

Posted by dilly23

Hi Dilly23

I’m not sure whether to congratulate you first on your “discovery” of the power of your mind, or offer my condolences on your recent break up. Both are clearly in order. You do sound like a very positive person, however, and that is what will work for you.

For the law of attraction to work you don’t need to keep thinking positive thoughts about the next lover showing up – you just need to accept that he will and THEN make it your business to feel good. About anything!

For years I tried to instruct the “universe” on what I wanted. I once even wrote down all the qualities I wanted in a woman and sure enough she showed up complete with everything I asked for. I forgot to include “faithfulness” however, and she cheated on me, (and then confessed because “honesty” was a quality I desired – how’s THAT for irony!).

So it doesn’t work that way. It works by you feeling good which is kind of infectious. Happy people attract other happy people. When I got comfortable with myself and enjoyed my life no matter whether I was single or not my fabulous wife showed up. We fell in love instantly and have now been together for over 5 gorgeous, fun-filled years.

The LOA is about who you ARE, not what you DO. (It’s why I’ve called my book “The Book Of Being” with the subtitle “Effortless Reality Creation With Or Without The Law Of Attraction” – because it’s for the skeptics too! If you’re interested to know more, go to Http://

The “secret formula” goes like this: Believe in and be all of your true self => Ask for what you want => Trust the universe => Play!

Just go play. The universe already knows you’re waiting for a person you’re crazy about. (Heck, even I know that! You told me!) So relax. The job is done. He’ll show up. Feel good, trust your hunches and live.

Great question. I hope my answer is helpful.

All good things,
Trevor Emdon.

Is love the bottom line of the Law of Attraction?As probed in the book ‘The Secret’

Posted by The Global Geezer
Love is the bottom line of life itself. If you are in a state of love, you are connected to the Divine Source, our creator. In that state of love, you will attract only the highest and best into you life.

Does the Law Of Attraction work for love?Does it work? And tell me if the law of attraction has worked for you in any way.

Posted by Jason Johnson
The Law of Attraction is hocus pocus. In other words it’s actually a magical practice. See the Hermetic Laws and Hermeticism. The law of attraction is as effective as any other magical practice is. It works as well for love as any other love spell does.…